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Public Service

Kadampa Meditation Center California strives to exemplify Buddhist practice through public service. Everyone is welcome to visit our Center.Prayers for Wold Peace, Buddhism and Meditation in Los Angeles
Our open hours are:

Monday through Friday:
11am to 5pm
We often have events on Saturdays so open hours vary, please call before your visit.
12 noon to 4pm

Group visits by schools, universities, and other groups as well as personal visits are welcomed and can be arranged by contacting us.

Support for the local community

KMC CA supports the local and worldwide community by offering teachings and advice on how to live a peaceful and meaningful life.
Many practitioners from the Center, when requested, make visits to offer advice and prayers to those who are sick, dying, or suffering.
Path of Compassion for the Deceased - Chanted Meditation:
We perform this practice of transference of consciousness, known in Tibetan as “powa” once a month at our center, on behalf of  beings who have recently died. It is traditionally done within forty-nine days of a death. All are welcome to join, please check our calendar, and this link for more information.

Prayers for World Peace - Free Sunday Morning Classes

Healing Our World: The Power of Patience, Love & Prayers for World Peace
Sundays, 11-12:30am
Donations Welcome
Click here for more information

The Learning Zone

Detailed information about Kadampa Buddhist ideas and beliefs, including sections regarding Death, Karma, and an explanation of what Tantric Meditation is really all about. Includes a glossary of Buddhist terms. Click here to visit The Learning Zone.

Meditate In Los Angeles
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