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Fearless Heart | Vajrapani Empowerment
2015 US Festival US Festival with Gen-la Dekyong
April 24-29

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Everyone Welcome

The annual US Kadampa Festival is an opportunity for people from around the country to gather together in the glorious environment of our beautiful World Peace Temple and share in the inspiration of profound and exquisite teachings. This chance to reconnect with friends from other parts of the country and receive teachings that speak directly to our capacity for improving the lives of ourselves and others brings great meaning to our "spiritual vacation."

Teachings on Cultivating Self-Confidence and the Power to Benefit Others

Imagine being able to help our family and friends to be happy and free from suffering. Through the inspiring teachings and powerful meditations that will be offered during the 2015 US Festival, we will learn how to do precisely this.
The US national temple for the New Kadampa Tradition (one of only four traditional Kadampa temples in the world) is located in Glen Spey, New York, two hours outside of New York City.

Buddha Vajrapani is the embodiment of the power of all the Buddhas. He appears in a wrathful aspect and his function is to destroy the delusions of living beings by bestowing special power upon their body and mind. The empowerment can be seen as a blissful guided meditation through which we make a deep connection with Vajrapani's enlightened mind. By receiving the powerful blessings of Buddha Vajrapani we can swiftly actualize our own potential for a fearless heart and gain the confidence we need to progress successfully along the spiritual path.

Throughout the festival we will explore how to integrate this self-confidence into our life and, in particular, how to use the practice of Vajrapani to bring about the deep transformative changes that we long for. By virtue of the power of our own good heart, we can help to bring enormous relief to our suffering world.

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