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Sunday Morning with Prayers for World Peace


Sundays, 11am - 12:30pm with Kelsang Rak-ma

Learn simple and profound meditation practices that can help you experience inner peace, happiness, and bring meaning and joy in your life. Prayers for World Peace includes guided meditations, teachings, and discussion.  At the end of each class, we dedicate our beneficial actions to World Peace.  Everyone is welcome. No previous meditation experience necessary. Join in anytime.  

Meditations for a Kind Heart

March 19 Advice from Atisha's Heart 
March 26 Advice from Atisha's Heart

Atisha is the founder of Kadampa Buddhism, and Atisha’s Advice is one of Buddhism’s best-loved and most enduring Buddhist teachings ever given. Before he left Tibet, Atisha gave some parting advice. In many ways, his advice is a guide to how to practically live our life in accordance with Buddha's teachings. 

Next Series - Discovering Stillness Within: Meditating on the Clear Nature of the Mind      

April 2 Inner Light: Relaxing the Body and Mind
April 9 Watching the Mind: The Art of Letting Go 
April 16 The Nature and Power of the Mind
April 23 Living and Meditating in the Heart
April 30 Abiding in the Absence of Chatter: Our Subtle Mind
May 7 Journey to the Clear Light: The Path of Tantra

Buddha's explanation of the mind is practical, wise and deeply transformative; it reveals an experiential path leading to the realization of our full spiritual potential. In particular, within Kadampa Buddhism, the presentation of Mahamudra emphasizes the meditation on the clear nature of the mind and its enormous creative power. Through this sublime, profound, and deeply relaxing meditation, we gain deep insight into the flexible and limitless nature of our own mind.

Mother's Day Special Talk

May 14 A Mother's Love: A Buddhist Perspective

Location:      Kadampa Meditation Center California 1492 Blake Avenue, Los Angeles 90031

Cost:            By donation
Vegetarian brunch: $3 


Meditate In Los Angeles
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