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Rituals, Prayers and Practices of Kadampa Buddhism

Sundays 4:15-8:15pm

Inner realizations and deep experience of the Dharma depend on certain inner conditions, which we can create through engaging in the preliminary practices. The more conscientiously we practice the preliminaries, the more easily we will gain realizations from our practice of meditation and training the mind. Join us for this rare 3-week course where will explore some of the fundamentals of Kadampa Buddhist meditation practice and how to prepare our minds for successful training.

May 22:  Preparing the Mind: Cleaning, Setting Up a Shrine & Making Offerings

June 5:   Clear and Concentrated: Posture, Prayers & Prostrations

June 12:  Tsog Pujas, Mandalas and Mantra

4:15-8:15pm with Pot-Luck Dinner Break between sessions. Please bring a vegetarian dish (can be anything from your favorite stir fry, cheese, dessert or chips - whatever you prefer) that can be shared with others. 

Cost: $15 per workshop, $35 for the entire series of 3

Free for GP, FP and TTP Supporters

Feel free to join us for one or all of these special workshops.

Meditate In Los Angeles
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