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Wednesdays - Silverlake

Gen Kelsang Rigpa, Buddhist Meditation Classes in Los Angeles
Resident Teacher
Gen Kelsang Rigpa

Wednesdays 7:30-9pm

$12 per class - Free to GP supporter

Transforming Mind and Body in the New Year:
Practical Meditations for Health & Happiness

1/21   Moving Meditation for Mind and Body
1/28   Living Meditation in Daily Life

This practical meditation course offers clear guidelines on how to cultivate habits that lead to a positive, happy mind, as well as a healthier body. These teachings and meditations will give us clear and practical guidelines to create both mental and physical well-being in the new year.

New Series!  Confidence to Change: Buddhist Psychology and Meditation

Feeling trapped by unhealthy habits and limited thinking?  What is our potential as human beings?   Is it possible to change who we are, and to positively influence others?​

Without a clear vision of what is possible, it is difficult to direct our energies so as to make the most of our life and be of the greatest benefit to others. Buddha’s teachings on the mind give us the confidence to change and meditation gives us the practical methods to bring this change about.  

​2/​4     Believing We Can Change
2/11​   The Four Powers of Change
2/18   Overcoming Discouragement: Learning to Let Go​
​2/25   Envisioning Our Potentia​l

Join at any time. Everyone is welcome. No previous experience of meditation is necessary.

Kadampa Meditation Center California
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Meditate In Los Angeles
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