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Harmonious Life: Enjoying Our Relationships
with Kadampa Buddhist Teacher Gregory Williams

Normally we seek happiness in our relationships. But happiness comes from our own mind, our inner peace. Consequently we expect too much from our relationships and instead of them producing the happiness and harmony we long for, we experience anxiety, disappointment and frustration.

In this course we will learn simple and effective meditations to connect to our potential for lasting happiness and freedom. Rather than seeking happiness in our relationships, we will learn how to bring happiness into our relationships and to every facet of our life. 

Classes also offered at the following locations.  (Please click for more information)
  -  Long Beach - Pasadena  - La Cañada

June 10   Overcoming Codependency: Love, Neediness and Happiness
June 17   Fully Accepting Self & Others
June 24   Relationships: Reflection of the Mind
July 1      Emptiness: The Space of Possibility
July 8      The Bigger Picture: Expanding Our View
July 15    Practicing Empathy
July 22    Healing Anger in Relationships
July 29    Universalizing Love 

$12 per class - Free to GP supporter

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Meditate In Los Angeles
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