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Meditate In LA

Sundays - Long Beach

Sundays  11:00am – 12:00pm

NOVEMBER and DECEMBER Series: Mindfulness Tool Kit
November 13 – What is mindfulness?
November 20 – Watching Thoughts
November 27 – No Class – Special Event at KMC Hollywood
December 4 – Guarding the Mind
December 11 – A Positive Intention
December 18 – Paying Attention

Training in basic mindfulness as a tool for managing our emotions and controlling our thoughts and feelings.

During this course we will explore how to train in mindfulness in conjunction with concentration, attention and alertness. As we develop and improve these mental skills they become powerful transformational tools. By using the mindfulness toolkit to develop and maintain pure intentions eventually we will eradicate all our negativity and enjoy a peaceful and happy mind all the time.

$10 per class.  Join at any time. Classes consist of two guided meditations, a talk and discussion. No pre-registration necessary.

Windhorse Theosophy Center
3145 E. Broadway, Long Beach

Meditate In Los Angeles
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