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Sundays - Long Beach

Sundays  11:00am – 12:00pm

Modern Buddhism: Kadam Lamrim Series

Our Extraordinary Potential: Seizing the Essence of this Life

"We now possess a life that provides the very best opportunity for spiritual development. Such a recognition will naturally bring a feeling of joy and a deep appreciation of our human life with its great potential." -Joyful Path of Good Fortune

Jan 10 Appreciating Good Fortune
Jan 17 Rejoicing and Our Extraordinary Potential
Jan 24 Our Precious Human Life
Jan 31 Travelers Bound for Future Worlds

Transforming Fear: The Practice of Buddhist Refuge

Feb 7 Anxiety, Fear and the Spiritual Path
Feb 14 Building Refuge Within
Feb 21 Buddha’s Fearlessness and The Power of Our Example
Feb 28 Fearlessness In Actions


$10 per class.  Join at any time. Classes consist of two guided meditations, a talk and discussion. No pre-registration necessary.

Windhorse Theosophy Center
3145 E. Broadway, Long Beach

Meditate In Los Angeles
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